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  • Imported Bitumen
    Bitumen is the end product in the crude distillation process. This raw bitumen is called Straight grade bitumen   Straight Grade BITUMEN 60/70 / BITUMEN VG-30  is being used in construction and maintenance of roads, allied and airfields constructions, manufacturing of various grades of bitumen Emulsion.   The straight grade bitumen obtained from the refineries is processed in our highly modernized plant through the exothermic reaction, to the relevant time limit to produce the desired Paving Grades as per the specifications.   We have Imported Bitumen 60/70, considered to be one of the best in quality from affiliated refineries of Middle East. Packing: 192 kg (Gross wt) 180 kg (Net wt) +/- 3 kgs
  • Industrial Bitumen
    As per IS:-702 Our industrial bitumen is a dark, Low Volatile Petroleum Residue Modified by the Oxidation Process, its consistency ranges from Viscous to solid besides being waterproof elastic and adhesive, bitumen is corrosion proof acid alkali Resistant as well as it also makes an efficient electrical insulator, because it has excellent dielectric strength.   Offered Grades As per IS:702 & IS 73 standards : Bitumen 90/15 Bitumen 85/25 Bitumen 10/20  Bitumen 60/70 Bitumen 80/100 Bitumen 30/40 Bitumen 115/15 Bitumen 135/10    USES :  Road Construction Highways, Footways and pedestrian, Airports Runways, Racetracks, Tennis courts,  Roofing / Damp Proofing / Water Proofing,  Manufacture of Roofing Felts,  Adhesives,  Printing link Manufacturing  Dry Batteries Manufacturing  Paint Manufacturing  Cold Storage Houses
  • Bitumen Felt Roll
    Hessian Based Bitumen Felt Roll is made of the finest grade material that assures longevity. Made as per the IS: 1322:1993. Our tough Bitumen Felt Roll offers maximum performance for a longer period of time. In conformation with the IS standard, we also customize Bitumen Felt Roll in varied dimensions and weight as per the customers requirement.   We are manufacture of Swastik ISI Felt Roll as per IS: 1322: 1993    Salient Features : Tough Durable Cost effective Less prone to damage Coated with unusual Bituminous Compound   Uses : Terraces and Basements Water-proofing Damp-proofing of roofs Weight : 46 kgs Size : 1mtr x 20 mtr   Available In : Rolls with dimensions : 1 x 20 meter Each Felt (ISI Grade): 46kgs
  • Bitumen Primer
    Bitumen Primer that is manufactured using superior quality basic bitumen both steam refined and air blown. Moreover, these Bitumen primers can easily be diluted with water for various other applications. Bitumen kote emulsions are stable clay emulsions produced from a wide range of basic bitumen, both steam-refined and air blown. They have no common characteristic of smoothly and creamy consistency. They can be diluted easily with water to any consistency required for applications.   Features : Crack proof, Durable & Quick Dry.   Variety : Water based primer (Kote) Oil based primer   Uses : Protecting boiler insulations Water proofing of roofs Protecting against corrosion Protects vibration in vehicles Insulation binder Undercoating on the asbestos, cement, concrete and on the walls before making the finishing coats.   Packing : 20 kgs ( tin) & 200 kgs ( drum)   Send your Enquiry on : swastiktarinds@yahoo.co.in 
  • Sealing Compound
    Sealing Compound is famous for giving the excellent performance in the various industrial applications. It is mainly used for sealing and adjoining joints and breakages. It is ideal for the products made up of concrete.   USEG & COVERING CAPACITY Hot applied sealing compounds are intended for use in sealing joints in concrete roads, runways, bridges, filling stations and other places of construction joints like in warehouse floors and secondary containment of walls and floors of artificial water ponds. Grade A is suitable for use in concrete constructions other than those which are subjected to spillage of kerosene or other petroleum oils. Estimation guide for joint Sealing Compounds required per 100 meters running in kg of 25mm depth is as under : 12mm – 40 kg | 18mm – 60 kg | 25mm – 80 kg | Consider 5% wastage during application. Primer coverage approx 0.91 ltrs per 100 running meters for 25mm depth of joints.   Prominent Features : Highly adhesive Smooth texture Unadulterated Qualitative raw material & Cost effective   Uses : Sealing joints in garages. Filling stations Places where there is a spillage of petrol, oil or grease.   Available In : 20 kg (Tin) & 200 kg (Drum)   Send your Enquiry on : swastiktarinds@yahoo.co.in 
  • Bitumen Bond
    Bitumen Bond is an adhesive of semi-liquid consistency, creamy in appearance and is ready to use just as it comes in the container. It is recommended for sticking roofing felts on metal, timber, tiles, asbestos and concrete masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited for sticking waterproofing felts to roofs of buses, railway carriages etc.   Description  Bitumen Bond is a rubber based Bituminous Adhesive of brushable consistency.   Uses : Can use in all weather condition Repairs on roads, motor ways, bridges, pavements Easy and environmentally friendly repairs   Application  : Bitumen Bond is recommended for the fixing of expanded/extruded Polystyrene, insulex soft boards and fibre glass insulation slabs for all type of structures where bituminous adhesive is acceptable.  It may be used to stick insulation sheets on to concrete, timber, metal or other insulation sheets.  It is particularly suitable for use in cold storage to ensure good adhesion to walls and ceilings and may also be used for sticking thermocole for insulation of refrigeration pipe work site.    Health & Safety : Bitumen Bond is a non toxic rubber based bituminous adhesive.  Not harmful if inhaled.  Use goggles and hand gloves during application.  Clean hands with warm soap water after application   Packing : Available in 20 Ltr (Tin) & 200 Ltr (Drum)   Send your Enquiry on : swastiktarinds@yahoo.co.in 
  • Bitumen Plast
    Bitumen Plast is a cold applied bituminous with mineral fillers in volatile solvent to retain its plasticity. It is ideal for use in conditions where a certain degree of expansions, contractions and vibrations are expected. It is Uses for application on vertical or sloping surfaces for caulking purpose.   Uses : Road Construction maintenance Manufacturing of Dry Batteries Manufacturing of paints Cold Storage Houses   Packing : 20 kgs (tin) & 200 kgs (drums)   Send your Enquiry on: swastiktarinds@yahoo.co.in 
  • Expansion Joint Filler Board
    Expansion Joint Filler Board is a soft fiber board impregnated with bituminous material to render it durable and water proof. It is compressible and possesses high degree of recovery after compression load is released, thereby ensuring that no free space exist in between joint space. Expansion Joint Filler Board is manufactured as per IS-1838:1961 standards.   Salient Features : Contain bituminous material High degree of recovery after compression Made up of soft fiber Durable Water proof Cost effective   Size : 4 x 4 boards of length x breadth: 1.22mtr x 1.22mtr (1.49 sq. meter)   Available In (Thickness) : 12mm 18 mm 25 mm   Used As Concert Board In : Roads Runways Buildings Bridges Decks Canals

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Today in this fast moving and developing world, Infrastructure is the key behind every country’s foundational and economic growth and to hinder foreign investments. Roads form a key to this infrastructural development and we at SWASTIK TAR INDUSTRIES are just putting in our small contribution for this developmental process.


Bitumen is the key product used for construction of roads. Bitumen, also known as road tar has many other uses apart from being used for construction of roads and platforms. It is also used as a prime product for waterproofing and its bye-products are again used in various industries.

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